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Bowen: Emery To Put Focus Back On Draft

(WSCR) It's no secret the Bears struggled in the draft under former general manager Jerry Angelo.

Angelo is out now, though, and his replacement is Phil Emery, a longtime scout and talent evaluator.

"He's got a good work ethic," Matt Bowen of the National Football Post told The Boers and Bernstein Show."He's meticulous in his reports. He's not afraid to go out and find talent. That's everything I heard last week about Phil Emery. That's good stuff to start. If you're a Bears fan, you should like to hear that. You want someone who is going to come in here and make the draft a focal point of this organization, which it really wasn't under Jerry, we all know that.

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Bowen said that over Emery's years in the NFL, he has built a strong reputation among coaches and scouts.

"I started asking when I was down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, and you're not going to find many people saying bad things about Phil Emery," Bowen said. "Everyone is pretty positive about him. They always bring up his work ethic. That's the first thing. He's a scout, that's what a good scout does"

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