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Bomb Squad Removes 50 Pounds Of Explosives Found In Evergreen Park House

EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (CBS) -- The bomb squad was called to a house in southwest suburban Evergreen Park on Wednesday, after a caretaker found explosives in the basement.

Authorities said an elderly man sustained water damage to his home near 98th and Hamlin and when a caretaker was cleaning the basement, she came across a suitcase. The caretaker asked the man what was in the suitcase and he responded that it contained high explosives.

The suitcase contained about 50 pounds of explosives. Authorities said the suitcase was safely removed from the house and was taken to the Thornton quarry where it will be destroyed.

Bomb Squad Removes Explosives Found In Evergreen Park House

Police evacuated two blocks of homes and four schools were put on lockdown.

18-year-old Brian Leibforth was asleep next door near 98th and Hamlin when police got everybody else out.

"I'm like, what's going on? Why are these people on my lawn?

"So I opened the door and I asked them. And they're like, 'Oh, we forgot somebody. You gotta get out of your house."

And he did.

Evergreen Park Police say the man had the 24 sticks of dynamite because 60 years ago, a friend was going to California and gave it to the man before he left.

No injuries were reported and police say the 92-year-old man will not be charged.

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