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Bob Daiber Expresses Frustration In Lack Of Coverage Of His Campaign

CHICAGO (CBS) -- One of the less-affluent candidates for Governor is sounding off about taxes, media coverage and more.

Democrat Bob Daiber release five years worth of tax returns proving he is not a billionaire or even a millionaire and the Madison County Regional School Superintendent said if elected governor he would fight for a graduated income tax that could bring Illinois an additional billion dollars mostly from the wealthy. But he expressed some frustration at the lack of news coverage of his campaign.

"As rigorous as I have campaigned in this state, not just here in the city...many of you have been with me a number of times weekly, we don't draw the attention because we are just a middle class candidate," Daiber said.

Daiber told reporters there is nothing wrong with being a millionaire or billionaire, but it has nothing to do with qualifications for office. And he says it is important to know that the rich are paying their fair share of taxes. So, he says, it is important for candidates to disclose more of their tax information than the others in this race have done so far.

So he is still running hard on the issues.

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