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Black McDonald's Franchise Owner Sues Company Claiming Racial Bias

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A McDonald's franchise owner is suing the Chicago-based company, accusing the fast foot giant of racial bias.

Herb Washington used to play for the Oakland A's, but now he owns 14 McDonald's restaurants, most of them in Ohio.

He claims the corporation steered Black owners like himself to buy franchises in low income Black neighborhoods.

When he tried to buy ones in wealthier, white neighborhoods, he said he was denied.

According to Washington, white McDonald's franchise owners reap $700,000 more in profits than Black owners.

McDonald's denied Washington's claims, saying he's responsible for his own business growth.

A statement from the company said, in part:

"This situation is the result of years of mismanagement by Mr. Washington, whose organization has failed to meet many of our standards on people, operations, guest satisfaction and reinvestment."

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