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Black Girls Break Bread Steps In As Looting Leaves Food Deserts Even Worse Off

CHICAGO (CBS) -- First with the coronavirus and now with looting, it is harder than ever before for some families in Chicago to get food.

As CBS 2's Marissa Parra reported Tuesday, one group of local women is delivering acts of kindness.

Parra reported from the South Loop – a spot that had a lot of options just days ago. But now, the Target, Walgreens and Trader Joe's have closed – only the Jewel-Osco remained open Tuesday.

But what about the places without a store open at all? The women of Black Girls Break Bread are bridging the gap.

Jessica Davenport-Williams was filling a shopping cart Tuesday. But it was not for her.

"We're looking for potatoes, pasta, rice," she said.

The goal was to find canned goods that could last on a shelf, because the people whom the food was for did not know Tuesday when they'd be able to restock. They live in food deserts.

"South Shore, Woodlawn, Hyde Park, Englewood, Washington Park," said Jazzy Davenport-Russ.

"Communities are even more ravaged," Davenport-Williams said. "It's devastating."

It's devastating because after a weekend of violence, getting food is even harder than before – between checkpoints, shuttered doors, and long wait times. But the women are stepping up.

"We have to make sure that these babies have Pampers and wipes and food, and that's something that can't wait," Davenport-Russ said.

Neither can medication.

"It's just a complete food desert, pharmacy desert, at this point – people aren't able to access medicine," Davenport-Williams said.

And while the women of Black Girls Break Bread have a long list of requests, the long list and the long lines are worth it if it means saving lives by keeping families fed.

"If it takes for us to come and stand in line multiple times a day to transport food to our neighboring communities that's what we're dedicated to do," Davenport-Russ said.

The group delivered to 10 to 15 families on Monday, and they were feeding 30 on Tuesday. Donations to their efforts can be made at the Black Girls Break Bread website.

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