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Bizarre Burglary In Gage Park -- Identity Documents, Even Undergarments, Stolen

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Two men are believed to be behind a pair of burglaries in Gage Park, and the victims are baffled by what was taken and what was left behind.

CBS 2's Eric Cox talked to one of the victims who is now dealing with having her identity stolen.

The burglars hit two apartments on 57th and Fairfield in Chicago's Gage Park neighborhood.

The victims are now hoping what was captured on surveillance cameras will help catch the criminals and reclaim what was stolen.

"Like, it's just so scary," said burglary victim Maria Rivas who lives in a garden-level apartment in Gage Park with her husband, two little boys and three-month-old puppy. She said earlier this month burglars broke in.

"Our backdoor was broken into like somebody kicked it in." Rivas said, who added that their home was left in disarray.

"Our room was completely trashed. They, like, destroyed everything," she said.

A nearby surveillance camera was recording as a pickup truck pulled up outside the family's apartment. The vehicle, parked just outside the camera's view as a man loads up belongings Rivas she said she recognized.

When the family returned later they were surprised.

"We still had our TV, our sound systems, other stuff that usually would get stolen was still there," Rivas said.

But other things weren't.

Like undergarments.

"Yeah, to me, that's really weird that some of that was missing," Rivas said.

Important documents, also nowhere in sight.

"Yeah, birth certificates, some of my bank account information too," Rivas said, all taken from Rivas and her family along with their Social Security numbers and documents. The entire family's identities stolen.

"Somebody can do a lot of damage with those," she said.

Rivas and her family are working to report their identities as stolen.

They're asking anyone with information on the pick-up truck or the people seen on surveillance to please call police.

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