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'Big Hurt' Seeking New Hit Records In Music Business

CHICAGO (CBS) - Frank Thomas knows a thing or two about hits and records. These days the retired Sox slugger is trying to make hit records. As CBS 2's Ryan Baker reports, the "Big Hurt" believes he's going to hit home runs in the music business.

Thomas stays in the swing of things now as the founder and CEO of W2W or "Will to Win" Records.

"I definitely have a name here, but people are not used to me doing what I'm doing right now," said Thomas. "When people pick this up, they're going to be pleasantly surprised that I put this together. They're going to be shocked."

One of the best hitters in baseball history hand-picked the members of "Bellevoxx," and is the executive producer behind the trio's debut project.

When asked if this is sort of like putting a baseball team together, Thomas responded, "I relate everything to baseball with these ladies. You've got three first round draft picks, but you still have to bring them together as a team and it's hard."

So you have three heavy-hitters here?

"Oh, yes. He's the coach," said Harmony, one of the singers.

Thomas introduced Chicago to "Bellevoxx" when the pop girls group sang The National Anthem at his White Sox jersey retirement ceremony last month.

Let's just say the ladies aren't baseball groupies and had no idea who Frank Thomas was.

"I had to ask my dad" said Harmony. "I thought it was 'Big Heart' on his license plates and I told my boyfriend, "he does have a big heart" and he was like 'honey, that's Big Hurt. That's his nickname,'" adds Denisse, another member of the group.

After so many years in the spotlight, the Big Hurt wants to make beautiful music in the background.

"I know my role, executive producer. I'm the driving force behind the scenes and let's take these girls to the top," said Thomas.

When asked if he thinks this is a home run, Thomas said, "Oh yeah, I think so. Anyone can hit a single or double. We want to hit a grand slam."

Bellevoxx's first single, "Looking for Love", is available on iTunes. For more information, click here.

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