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Bicyclist Attacked After Calling Out SUV Driver For Being In Bike Lane

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A bicyclist has a story to tell after he was attacked by a driver after some words were exchanged.

As CBS 2's Sandra Torres reports the attack was captured on the biker's helmet cam.

It was a typical bike ride down Madison Street for 19-year-old Colton, a ride that turned dangerous when he called out the driver in a white SUV for being in the bike lane.

Colton says he told the driver, "You're in the bike lane bro."

"I said it really quietly, I didn't think they'd hear me," he said.

It turns out they did. GoPro video taken from Colton's helmet shows the driver chasing him for about a block and you can hear Colton yelling back.

"I realized he wasn't messing around so then I stopped in the middle of traffic and he got out of his car," Colton said.

He got out and attacked Colton, punching him and kicking him in the face.

"I didn't know when he was going to stop," Colton said. "I didn't know if he was ever going to stop kicking me."

The driver got away and Colton was left with a bloody eye.

"My face is still a little numb, like on my upper lip but it has gotten better now," he said.

Even though he regrets talking back in the heat of the moment, he's thankful his GoPro captured the image of the man who hurt him.

"I do regret saying the stuff that I did say," Colton said. "I was obviously upset he was trying to run me off the road with his vehicle when I'm on a bike but just the fact that he still assaulted me over a few words, it's not right."

Colton says detectives are trying to track down the driver. The car is registered to a woman, so that may complicate the investigation.

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