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Best Seats at US Cellular Field

Yes, I am a White Sox fan, and US Cellular Field is my favorite place to be on a sunny day. Because the field is much larger than Wrigley Field, it can be even more of a challenge to figure out the best seat for your dollar. To sit, or not to sit, that is the ultimate question.

US Cellular

A Personal Favorite: Lower Reserved, Right Field

These seats are all the way at the back of the field and you can hardly see the batter's box. Why sit here do you ask? It's simple: THE FOOD. While the Sox may not be Chicago's favorite team, no one can argue that they have the best food in the business. They have everything you crave at a baseball game. Also, the outfield is a great place to catch Konerko's next home run.



These bleacher seats are just like Wrigley, but you don't have to scramble an hour before the game to get your group seats together. These are already assigned, so you can show up as you please with peace of mind. Never stress about being separated.


Best View of the Game: Lower Box

Just like any other field, if you want all of the action, it's behind home plate and the players' dugout. If you can purchase tickets in the first few rows, you will occasionally have a player throw you a ball from the last out. Or, my personal favorite is when my friend gets her boss' front row seats behind the visitor's dugout. I can sit back and relax with a table (aka the dugout) in front of me for my beer and hot dog.

White Sox Fans

The Pre-Party

Ok, so this area is not known for its surrounding bars, but they do have a pretty good Patio Party before every game. You pay an all-inclusive price, which includes food, beverages, tickets and a nice view of right field during warm up. The Patio Party is open an hour and a half before the game and lasts an hour and a half into the game. All you can eat food and beverages always beats an expensive bar.


Bacardi at the Park

Finally, we have an official bar! The owners of Gibson's Restaurants have opened Bacardi at the Park, so you know it's delicious. Before, after, during- it's always a great crowd.

Where Not to Sit: Anywhere in the 500 Levels

This place is just way too big to be sitting all the way up in the 500 levels. This is where the players look like ants and people with sensitive noses literally get nosebleeds. Unless you are one who knows nothing about baseball, opt out of the binoculars.

Alycia Nicole is a concierge in the heart of downtown Chicago. Raised south of the City, she will always stand true to her Chicago White Sox.

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