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Best Kids Menus In Chicago

By Melanie Falina

Before kids come along the most difficult decision in eating out might be more along the lines of debating, "Pizza or sushi?" But once children enter the equation then a whole new set of difficulties come into play. Not only must one ponder what to eat, but which establishments have smaller options - let alone if they'll welcome kids at all. But this is a food town and as such there is food for everyone in the Windy City, so check out some of these fun eateries with the best kids menus in Chicago.

Commonwealth Tavern
2000 Roscoe St.
Chicago, IL. 60618
(773) 697-7965

Smack dab in the heart of Chicago's trendy Roscoe Village neighborhood is Commonwealth Tavern. Big on sporting events (and not just Chicago's beloved teams but the Dallas Cowboys and Notre Dame's Fighting Irish too) and with mouth-watering drink specials every day of the week, Commonwealth Tavern is the ideal place to grab some good grub and have some fun. And better yet, you can bring the kids. The little ones will love being able to order their own Little Cheese Burgers or Mini Corn Dogs, PB&J or quesadillas, and more, and on warmer days - which are on the way - do so while enjoying Commonwealth's outdoor patio.

Lou Mitchell's

565 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL. 60661
(312) 939-3111

If the idea of being given Milk Duds and donut holes while waiting for your meal seems too good to be true then look no further than the legendary Lou Mitchell's. Since opening their doors in 1923, Lou Mitchell's has provided millions of customers with warm service and warm bellies. Family-owned and serving up family recipes, Lou Mitchell's offers breakfast served all day long, daily specials, outdoor dinning from March 1st until December 1st, and the self-proclaimed "world's finest coffee." And Milk Duds aside, the little ones will love the variety of Lou Mitchell's kids menu which includes options like the Mitchell Mouse Pancakes, assorted hot and cold cereals, a realistically priced PB&J sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Noodles and Butter for those picky tykes, and much more.

Smoque BBQ 
3800 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL. 60641
(773) 545-7427

Barbecue cooking - and eating - is something taken very seriously by a great many people, and Smoque BBQ takes barbecue more seriously than most. Located in Chicago's Irving Park area, Smoque BBQ has their own Chicago BBQ method, and if you don't know what that is yet then you haven't lived. From chicken to brisket, pulled pork to sausage and more, Smoque sets a new standard for doing bbq right. And they're fully aware of the fact that kids can take bbq seriously as well deviating from the old standbys like hot dogs and spaghetti and instead whipping up Mini Pork Sandwiches, Mini Brisket Sandwiches, and more.

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Tavern on Little Fort
4128 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60618

Just because your family has grown doesn't mean that your beer garden days are over. At Tavern on Little Fort mom and dad can enjoy the daily drink specials while the Kids Summer Music Series taking place on Sundays from June through August will keep the kiddos entertained. Sunny afternoons and warm evenings in the garden at Tavern on Little Fort will be relished in by Chicago kids of all ages. With extensive menus for normal dining, brunch, craft beers, and children's offerings, there's something for everyone at Tavern on Little Fort.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken
3361 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60618
(773) 478-4000

Honey Butter Fried Chicken - a collection of words, each awesome in their own right, but when combined ignites spontaneous mouth-watering and tummy's a-growling. Located on Chicago's Northwest side in the Avondale area, Honey Butter Fried Chicken cooks with antibiotic-free, cage-free, humanely-raised chickens and non-GMO, trans-fat-free oil, but what they aren't lacking one bit is their level of deliciousness. Chicken meals with an array of dipping sauces, sandwiches, salads, and sides - not to mention Honey Butter Fried Chicken's melt-in-your mouth corn muffins, plus an extensive kids menu. Your family may never want to eat anywhere else again.

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