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Best Fish Sandwiches In Chicago

By Melanie Falina

Whether opting for fish for religious reasons or avoiding meats, or maybe even for the multiple heath benefits, but many people are just crazy for fish. And fish sandwiches add a little pizzazz to eating healthy - like the fascination with tacos, there's just something fun about being able to enjoy your meal with as few or as many toppings as your heart desires, and then eat it up via its hand-held 'shell.' Even if the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish was your first experience with the fish sandwiches, today - and particularly in a city like Chicago - chicken sandwiches are absolutely a thing, and we've got an array of places serving up their own unique versions of this great American staple. Here are some of the best fish sandwiches in Chicago...

New England Seafood Company Fish Market
3341 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60657

If you love fish (and if you've come this far you most likely do) and live in Chicago, then a visit to the New England Seafood Company Fish Market in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood is a must before you do absolutely anything else. It's not just the fish sandwiches that'll bring you back for more, it's everything fish and everything delicious. From their oysters on the half shell to their fish tacos, and their crab cakes to their mother-watering lobster mac, and comfort-foods like New England Calm Chowder and Lobster Bisque. But if you've come to the New England Seafood Company Fish Market for the fish sandwiches then you will not be disappointed! All served with chips or hand-cut fries and offered with extras like bacon, cheese, or a fried egg, you'll be hard-pressed to decide between your choices. From the simply amazing Crab Cake Burger to the Surf & Turn Burger, the Lobster BLT, or the Cod Sandwich, and more, you'll think you've arrived in fish sandwich heaven.

Coco's Famous Deep Fried Lobster
426 S. Clark St.
Chicago, IL. 60605
(312) 786-2070

Located in the heart of The Loop is Coco's Famous Deep Fried Lobster, and if you know Chicago you're already acquainted with this truly famous joint - and it's famous for good reason! Best to call ahead or place your order online, but what you're going to walk away with is a seafood sensation. From the Tilapia Fish Sandwich to their Lobster Po'Boy, and the vast array of additional menu items, Coco's knows how to make fish great and offers something for everyone - even non-fish items too. Be sure to try the Deep Friend Lobster, as it is indeed famous, and is undoubtedly delicious.

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Parson's / Longman & Eagle
(Photo by Clayton Hauck for Parson's / Longman & Eagle)

Parson's Chicken & Fish
2952 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60647
(773) 384-3333

Who needs fancy downtown dining when you can get some of the fresh food around for a fraction of the cost? Located in Chicago's increasingly trendy Logan Square neighborhood is Parson's Chicken & Fish, a place that offers up - you guessed it - chicken and fish so good that they almost rival Parson's awesome outdoor seating patio area. Whether you opt for the Fish Fry or the Fish Sandwich with House Made Potato Chips - you'll need to top it off right with some of Parson's Red Hot Sauce made in-house. Add on some of their famous Southern Creamy Slay and a slice of Texas Toast and you may never want to go back home.

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BIG & little's Restaurant
1310 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60622
(773) 698-7777

Smack dab in the middle of Chicago's exciting Wicker Park neighborhood is BIG & little's Restaurant - a place that's little in size but big in all the things that matter. Although there are many different and delicious options to choose from, a must-try is without a doubt the Solfshell Crab Sandwich - simply dazzling and graced with Samurai Sauce and ample in size. Additional offerings include the Kimchi Fish and the Ahi Tuna Steak sandwiches that will knock your socks off. Extras include optional bacon for anything you order - because, well, why not? Chicagoans love bacon, even on their fish sandwiches!

Fish Bar
2956 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60657
(773) 687-8177

Wonderful and diverse, massive and distinctive - Chicago has got a lot of amazing elements but the ocean is not one of them. However, at the Fish Bar in Chicago's Lakeview area, they bring the ocean to Chicago - and Chicago is more than happy to have it. Fish salads, fish tacos, fish soups - or, there's fish on a bun!  The Fish Bar has got a variety to choose from - from the Lobster Roll to the Crabby Patty, or if you're as much a fan of New Orleans as you are Sweet Home Chicago, try their Crescent City inspired Satchmo Po'Boy, and more. With reasonable prices and mouth-dropping specials, the Fish Bar is a place you'll be wanting to visit on a pretty regular basis going forward.

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