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Best Donuts Spots in Chicago To Celebrate National Donut Day

By Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) —  Friday, June 3, is National Donut Day. While this might seem like no more than a nationally sanctioned opportunity to consume calories, National Donut Day is the real deal.

According to the Salvation Army website, "The idea for Donut Day began on the battlefields of France during World War I when Salvation Army workers served coffee and donuts to soldiers in the trenches." The Salvation Army established National Donut Day during the Great Depression to raise money for the needy.

Today, the legacy lives on in what's become a city that loves its fried dough. CBS 2 asked Chicagoans to name their favorite donut spots. Here are their top picks:

Dinkels, 3329 N. Lincoln Ave., 

"Short commute/dangerous commute being two blocks from my house," says Jodi S. about Dinkels. She loves their chocolate-covered donuts.

Tess K. concurs that Dinkels' donuts deliver. "My husband has loved their chocolate-glazed cake donuts since 1992 when he lived down the street. My kids even know what a big deal they are."

"I had them recently and was in heaven," says Kate J. "I had no idea they did donuts."

Do-Rite Donuts, Multiple Locations,

Bonnie L. says Do-Rite Donuts will satisfy any sweet tooth and is a sweet haven for people who avoid gluten.

"Do-Rite makes the best. After I went gluten-free due to a sensitivity, I fell into a donut-free depression. Then an angel whispered to me that Do-Rite carries gluten-free donuts. Their chocolate glazed are the best."

Spunky Dunkers, 3441 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Arlington Heights,

National Donut Day is not only for city dwellers. A favorite hotspot in the Northwest suburbs is Spunky Dunkers in Arlington Heights.

"Because honestly, the name alone is awesome. They have every spunky flavor you can imagine. My favorite is cantaloupe!"

Stan's Donuts, Multiple Locations,

Stan's draws rave reviews among many Chicagoans. Michelle T. says they are are "so fresh (hello, real blueberries in their blueberry bismarck!). They bake them all day long, so they don't sell out like some of the others."

Stan's Donuts has "ruined everywhere else for me," says Jessica R.

Donut Vault, 401 N. Franklin St.,

"Amazing" is a commonly-used descriptor for Donut Vault's offerings.

Lindsay P. says, "Last summer the Donut Vault truck parked outside of Green City Market every Saturday morning and we could never resist, they're amazing!!"

"I can't resist Donut Vault's donuts! They are amazing," says Libbie G.

‪Other tasty options for National Donut Day include:

Dat Donut, 8251 S. Cottage Grove Ave.,

"Delicious," says Ariel S.

Glazed & Infused, Multiple Locations, 

I love the handcrafted gourmet delicacies from Glazed & Infused, especially the chocolate donut with the chocolate shavings.

Plum Market Old Town, 1233 N. Wells

"They have fresh gluten-free ones at the bakery. The lemon pistachio is lovely," says Amy S.

Beaver, 131 N. Clinton

"Those suckers are little puffs of heaven. Plus a serving is like six of them which I also find deeply satisfying," says Maura D.

Happy National Donut Day, Chicagoland.

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