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Best Bartending Classes In Chicago

By Angela Hazen

Ever wanted to be the life of the party? Promoters and partygoers look to the bartender to keep the vibe going. Because of this, bartending skills are a popular choice in an uncertain economy, with more people than ever acquiring this set of skills. By trade or for hobby, knowing how to pour the right drinks can help ensure that you're invited to some of the hottest gatherings. If you want to learn how to make the right drink for fun or start over in a new profession, here are some of Chicago's top choices to learn the tricks of the bar.

Bartending School

A-List Startenders
4401 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 628-7470

Ready to get the party started? Begin your new career as a bartender at A-List Startenders. Weddings, store openings and parties need bartenders that know exactly what clients want and how to make it quickly. Hone your skills with the instructors at A-List Startenders and become an expert pourer. With the help of knowledgable bartenders that instruct the classes, you can feel certain about reaching that desired level in your new skill. Start building a career immediately by signing up today.

Bartending School

The Bartenders Group
1721 W Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 234-8240

Perhaps you have always wanted to be the go-to bartender but never knew where to begin. Get a jump start at The Bartenders Group on Division Street. Learn how to make drinks that are on trend as well as the classics, and gain some confidence while doing it. Helpful educators will not only make you a master of certain drinks but will also teach you the ins and outs of the bar business. If you are completely new to bartending, the Bartenders Group will help you gain confidence through your training. Start your career off right at The Bartenders Group and become a quick success.

Bartending School

ABC Bartenders
1034 W Belmont Ave., Suite 2
Chicago, IL 60657
(312) 664-0704

Are you new to the world of swirling drinks? Don't be intimidated by the unfamiliar craft of bartending. If you want to become skilled at making classic and trendy drinks, begin your leaning experience at ABC Bartenders. The educators here are available to help new and more experienced learners. Study the techniques behind making martinis and daiquiris and you could start working at restaurants and events all over Chicago. Become in demand as the drink maker that people insist on having at their favorite eateries.

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Bartending School

American Bartending School
634 S Wabash Ave., Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 427-6606

Need a new career? Start off fresh at American Bartending School. This South Loop school is ready to teach you what it takes to become a professional at creating cocktails that can make you in demand at restaurants and bars across the city. Even if you are completely new to the bar/restaurant industry, the teachers here will give you a professional edge very quickly. Consult with the faculty and see how far you can go in the world of bartending. Choose American Bartending School and receive expert instruction.

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Angela Hazen lives in Oak Park, IL. She has worked as a model in Chicago and studied broadcast journalism at Columbia College Chicago. She has traveled to Europe on several occasions, and keeps her readers up to date with local and international style, shopping, fashion and beauty trends. Her work can be found at

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