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Bears vs. L.A. Rams: Three Things To Watch

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Bears travel to Los Angeles to face the Rams on Monday Night Football. The teams are facing off for the third straight season, maybe one of them will get to 20 points this time. Here are three things to watch:

Improved Offensive Line?

As Matt Nagy said this week, when plays fail, they often have 10 guys doing their job spot on, but one guy is a little off. Watching the film, that one guy off is usually on the offensive line. There were a couple times versus Carolina Panthers where linemen just whiffed on blocks or went for the wrong defender. Nagy harps on about details. Those are mistakes that kill the run game and kill drives. We'll see if they can cut down the mistakes this week and get 11 guys spot on most plays.

Aaron Donald Destruction

Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald is maybe the only defensive player more adept at wrecking games than Bears linebacker Khalil Mack. Keep an eye on where he lines up because he moves around a lot. And watch the attention he gets from the line and tight ends and backs. Nagy pointed out that Donald's burst off the snap is amazing. He leads the NFL in sacks and had four in one game two weeks ago against Washington. So look for Nick Foles to try to get rid of the ball quickly. Foles claims he won't focus on #99, but maybe he should at least keep him in the corner of his eye.

Defensive Line Dialed In

Watch out for some of the unsung guys on the Bears defense. While Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks deservedly get most of the attention, guys like Brent Urban and Mario Edwards Jr. have been making an impact a little more quietly. Edwards, wearing #97, was brought in on a minimum deal just before the season, but has been maximizing his talent the last two weeks. He got his first sack of the season Sunday, and another great rush led to a sack for Mack. If Mario can be super against Rams quarterback Jared Goff and the Rams, maybe the Bears can pull off another upset win.

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