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Bears' Super Bowl Odds 28/1, Packers And Patriots Favored

CHICAGO (CBS) The NFL's 2011 schedule is out, but the league and the players union are still in the midst of labor negotiations that could threaten some, or all, of the upcoming season.

If the season does in fact get played, like most are expecting, the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl, according to

The Chicago Bears' odds are set at 28/1.

Team Odds
Green Bay Packers 7/1
New England Patriots 7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 11/1
San Diego Chargers 12/1
Baltimore Ravens 14/1
New York Jets 14/1
New Orleans Saints 16/1
Indianapolis Colts 16/1
Atlanta Falcons 16/1
Philadelphia Eagles 16/1
Dallas Cowboys 16/1
New York Giants 18/1
Bears 28/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30/1
Minnesota Vikings 35/1
Detroit Lions 35/1
Houston Texans 35/1
Kansas City Chiefs 35/1
Oakland Raiders 40/1
San Francisco 49ers 40/1
St. Louis Rams 40/1
Miami Dolphins 50/1
Tennessee Titans 50/1
Washington Redskins 50/1
Cincinnati Bengals 60/1
Denver Broncos 60/1
Cleveland Browns 65/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 65/1
Arizona Cardinals 75/1
Seattle Seahawks 80/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1
Carolina Panthers 100/1
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