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Chicago Bears believed to be interviewing USC's Caleb Williams at NFL Combine

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CHICAGO (CBS) – The Chicago Bears were believed to be interviewing USC quarterback Caleb Williams at the NFL Combine late Wednesday.

Getting to know players is an important part of the process for Bears general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus.

While none of the top prospects were expected to be going through workouts in Indianapolis, the Bears were going to give prospects a chance to show their competitiveness and learn more about them in other ways.

"Just kind of getting to know the personality," Poles said. "There's been a ton of information gathering from my team just in terms of teammates, coaches, things like that, but you got to spend time with another person, really understand their wiring."

He added the Bears are looking for a player with "dependability. You're looking [for] selflessness, leadership, ownership. I think it's hard these days to find people that [when you say], 'Hey this is wrong.' It's like, 'Yeah. It was wrong. This is what I have to do to correct it," rather than just kind of B.S.-ing your way through it."

Eberflus added, "We'll take them into the room. In this particular case, I'll ask them if they want to do darts or putting. I like putting. I'm pretty good at both, but they'll decide that and then we'll just teach them something about the offense, offensive play. And then we'll show them their tape and have them talk about their tape …and recall at the end to give us back what they learned at the beginning."

Williams told an ESPN college football writer on Wednesday that he would be excited if the Bears drafted him, disputing previous reports.

Quarterbacks and receivers were scheduled to meet the media on Friday in Indianapolis.

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