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Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy Denies Report He's Been Told Lions Game Will Be His Last As Coach

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy denied a published report that he's been told he will be fired after the team's Thanksgiving Day game against the Detroit Lions.

Mark Konkol with The Patch reported the Bears informed Nagy that Thursday's game will be his last as coach, but during his Tuesday press conference at Halas Hall, Nagy said "that is not accurate."

Nagy said he has not had any such discussions with Bears chairman George McCaskey, CEO Ted Philips, or general manager Ryan Pace.

"I have great communication with ownership, with George and Ted and Ryan, but I have not had any discussions," he said.

Nagy said he doesn't expect to talk to Pace or team ownership again until after Thursday's game, and would not reveal the last time he spoke to them.

"We have constant communication all season long," he said.

Nagy also said he hasn't discussed the report with Bears players.

"That is up to them as to how they want to view that, or what they think," he said.

In its more than 100-year history, the team has never fired a coach midseason.

Nagy would not directly answer multiple questions when asked if he has been assured he will remain the coach for the rest of the season, or if he has any concerns about his future with the team, saying he remains focused on preparing for the Lions game.

"The only thing that we can do is focus on the now, and trying to do everything we can," Nagy said. "Thursday is going to be here quickly, and we have one objective, to win the game."

Nagy said it's not hard for him to focus on preparing for the next game, despite speculation in the media about his future with the team.

"You can't focus on that. You have to stay focused on what you do every day, which is football, and the X's and O's, and all of that," he said. "This is, for us, our job is to focus on day-to-day, and win this game on Thursday, and that's it."

"Anything else is a distraction," he added.

Nagy said it's important to keep the blinders on while preparing for a game when facing rumors about his future with the team.

"You gotta be mentally tough, you gotta be mentally strong, and again you understand where you're at as a leader," Nagy said. "As you grow into a leader your whole life, whether it's the highs or the lows, you know, it's being able to respond to the adversity in different ways."

As the Bears have limped to a 3-7 start this season, speculation has grown about Nagy' future as head coach.

After leading the Bears to a 12-4 record and a division title in his first season, Nagy has been unable to sustain that success, with the team going 8-8 in each of the next two seasons, and a 3-7 record so far in 2021.

If Nagy is fired after the Lions game, regardless of the result, he would finish his Bears career with a winning record. The team is 31-27 so far under Nagy.

Still, despite Nagy's background as a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid, Nagy hasn't been able to turn around a stagnant Bears offense.

The Bears' offense currently ranks 31st in the NFL in total yards, dead last in passing yards per game (155.8), and 29th in points per game (16.3).

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