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Battle Of The Bars: Quinn vs. Rauner Campaign Parties

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The polls are closed, the campaigns are over, and now the state waits for the results.

Because the race for governor is extremely tight, (and one of the few races that is in play statewide), the media needs to fill the news void until the votes are counted, with some amusement.

The key bit of news early tonight is the campaign parties, in particular the battle of the bars.

Reporters are reporting that drinks are FREE at the Quinn campaign party.

At billionaire Bruce Rauner's shindig, drinks are anything but free.

Actually, $10 for a mixed drink isn't that outlandish.

Fans at sports events are used to spending around $8-9 for a beer. (In this case, might as well spend an extra buck for the good stuff.)

But, $5 for a bottle of water or soda is obscene.

These campaigns poured about $100 million in total for the right to live in Springfield for the next four years.

You would think they could have both set aside a few bucks to pour free drinks for their volunteers and campaign staff.

Meanwhile at the other closely watched race for the 10th Congressional seat, this development:

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