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'To Provide Them With What They Need': Barrington Family Sets Up Facebook Fundraiser For Volunteers In Ukraine

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands of ordinary people in Ukraine are volunteering to fight.

They are joining a force of citizens patrolling the streets among those volunteers in Ukraine. The brother of a man from Chicago's northwest suburbs. The family spoke exclusively to CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot.

Yana German comforts her husband Nick Nagorski. He is speaking to his father who is in Ukraine, as air raid sirens are blaring, warning about possible airstrikes.

"Yeah. It was quite disturbing. An hour before that, everything was fine," Nagorski said.

He added that his father left the call to find shelter in the basement of his apartment building. Nagorski's entire family, among them his father and brother, are in western Ukraine.

They asked CBS 2 to blur their faces for their safety. Nagorski's 34 year-old brother has enrolled in the territorial defense to protect his country.

His 57-year-old father plans to enroll, as soon as he recovers from COVID-19. In a recent conversation, his brother told him…

"'That's what I need to do.' He completely accepted this. There's no fear."

The Barrington couple set up a Facebook fundraising page with the goal of raising money to help those trying to defend Ukraine.

They want to purchase everything from medical first aid kids, helmets, canned goods and sleeping bags, to help those on the front lines.

"We just want to provide them with what they need and not doubt, not wonder if they're going to wake up tomorrow, Nargoski said. "We're trying to do everything possible to make it happen."

Nagorski is buying items in the Chicago area and sending them to Ukraine. He's also sending the money he receives to Poland and Germany where supplies are being bought and then sent to the Ukrainian border.

"I'm on the phone, all the time, day and night. We coordinate. We see who's doing what," said Nagorski. We're doing this effort to protect our families and help them to protect their land, their home and keep as much people alive."

Click here for a link to the Facebook fundraising site for more information or to make a donation.

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