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Bank Robber In White Gloves Hits Chase and US Bank Branches in Glenview, Franklin Park

CHICAGO (CBS)--The FBI is searching for a white-gloved male bank robber seen in a blurry surveillance photo taken Feb. 2. The male suspect robbed banks in suburban Franklin Park and Glenview in February and March., the FBI says.

Bank Robbery Suspect

The first robbery occurred on Feb. 2 when the suspect robbed the US Bank on the 10000 West Grand Avenue in Franklin Park.

The next robbery was reported March 16 at the Chase Bank branch on the 900 block of River Drive in Glenview.

The suspect was wearing white gloves and dark sunglasses and had a cloth covering his mouth in the surveillance photo released by the FBI.

The FBI is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.



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