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Time To Get Back To School And Get Back In Shape

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After the holiday weekend, many kids are going back to school. It happens on Tuesday in Chicago.

Back to school is the perfect time to get back in shape. A local fitness coach joined CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez with some simple ways to ease into a fall fitness regime.

This may be the best time to make positive changes for wellness. But how can we make sure they last? Fitness and wellness coach Stephanie Mansour has helpful habits and ways on how to make them stick.

"Make a grocery list, go shopping and cook your foods," said Mansour. "But taking it a step further, you want to portion out your food to just grab and go."

Another tip is to ditch lofty workout goals.

"You want to set something that's going to make you feel confident. That you can actually achieve it," said Mansour.

"Setting a goal of five minutes every single day while you're watching TV, you can do something as simple as foam rolling or squeeze a yoga block in between your thighs to work the inner thighs or use a yoga strap to do some stretching," she added.

A tip to keep fit is to put together bite-sized portions to take with you wherever you go.

"Instead of taking a big contain of almonds to work and having them at your desk, preportion them," said Mansour. "Put them in little containers."

Visit Stephanie Mansour's Step It Up With Steph website for tips, tricks and helpful information on how to get fit this fall.

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