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After CBS 2's Story, Tree Trimmers Remove Stumps And Branches Left Behind By Utility Crew In Aurora Men's Backyards

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) -- On Friday night, we introduced you to two Aurora homeowners whose backyards were left covered in chopped up tree stumps and limbs.

AT&T had cut down the trees down weeks earlier to clear a pole, but had then left all the debris behind. It wasn't just a branch or two, but chunks of logs scattered across lawns from different trees – and even branches with leaves attached.

For weeks, the homeowners – Archie Fristch, 75, and Chester Rogers, 81 – got the runaround, until CBS 2 got involved.

Fristch said Friday that AT&T told him the City of Aurora should remove the branches. The city told him they don't remove trees from people's property.

But shortly after we left, Fristch said a small army of tree trimmers returned to his house and cleared out all the debris.

Both Fristch and Rogers have their backyards back again.

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