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Aurora Man Creates Massive Snowy Valentine For Fiancée

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) -- A west suburban man had no intentions of doing the usual chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day, but what he did do got him more attention that he ever expected.

Tyler Morrick, 29, snuck out of his townhouse in Aurora, without his fiancée Rachel Maschmeier knowing, and wrote a gigantic love note in the snow using nothing but his own two feet.

"I got myself into something that was a little bigger than I had beyond expected," he said.

Working for four hours with wind chills as low as 19 below zero, he shuffled his boots in the snow on a frozen pond to create the message: "I ♥ YOU WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?"

"The heart specifically took me an hour and 40 minutes," he said.

He also dotted the question mark with a snow angel, "to represent my belief that she was sent from an angel above."

The message is hundreds of feet long, and Morrick estimated he walked about 12 miles to write the love note.

It was impossible for Maschmeier to miss the Valentine's Day message from her fiancé.

"Obviously, she could see the whole lake, and she started crying, and she's all happy," Morrick said.

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