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Aurora Cousins Sentenced For Terror Plot On Joliet National Guard Base

(CBS) -- Jonas and Hasan Edmonds--two cousins--were convicted in a terror plot planned to take place on the Joliet National Guard base.

Hasan Edmonds was an active member of the National Guard--one that a fellow soldier said in court Tuesday was "trustworthy" and a "friend."

But tonight, the cousins from Aurora head to federal prison for plotting to shoot up American soldiers on American soil, CBS 2's Marissa Bailey reports.

It was a blame game of sorts in court Tuesday. Jonas' attorney blaming Hasan and vice versa. Jonas was sentenced to 21 years, but Hasan was sentenced to 30.

Federal investigators say the two cousins were lured into ISIS by online videos.

They then made contact with undercover agents posing as ISIS supporters, and planned to shoot up the Joliet Armory, where Hasan was an active member of the National Guard.

"He was a part of our unit, and he decided he wanted to go an alternate route," Stg. 1st Class Thomas Sherman of the Illinois National Guard says.

Prosecutors allege the plan was for the men to ambush the armory as monthly drill formations were taking place, possibly shooting as many as 150 soldiers at one time.

In undercover recordings played in court, Hasan is heard saying "None of them have firearms on them." He went on to say that the most senior ranks stand in the front so "If you see stripes...take the shot."

Jonas Edmonds was charged with providing material support to Hasan. On March 25, Jonas dropped Hasan at Midway Airport to board a flight to Egypt, in support of ISIS.

Hasan was arrested just past security. Meanwhile, Jonas left the airport and picked up Hasan's old military uniforms that prosecutors allege he planned to wear during the attack.

Jonas' defense attorney says Hasan was the mastermind.

"The main person who knew something about the national guard base and had been on the national guard base had just gotten on a plane and went off to Egypt," James Graham said.


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