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Aunt Says Terror Suspects Showed No Signs Of Hatred Toward America

(CBS) -- The family of two west suburban men accused of plotting a massacre at a National Guard armory is speaking out, reports Cisco Cotto.

Hasan and Jonas Edmonds are charged with plotting to kill people at the Joliet Armory. A judge has ruled that Hasan will continue to be held while his lawyer gathers information to request bond.
His aunt, Tiffany Edmonds, talked about the impact on her family.


"We just don't believe none of this could be true," Edmonds said. "It is like your nephew, you see him as an innocent baby growing up. You see him playing and be all happy and joyful and no sadness."

She says the men converted to Islam years ago but showed no signs of hatred toward America.

Hasan Edmonds was arrested at Midway before boarding a flight to Egypt. The Feds say his cousin Jonas was to remain behind and carry out an attack on the Joliet National Guard post where Hasan was assigned.

"They joined the National Guard to protect our country," Tiffany Edmonds said. "It wasn't just Hasan. It was Hasan and his two sisters."

Tiffany Edmonds says she knows of no reason her nephews would do the things they are accused of unless they were somehow manipulated.

"Is any of this true?" she said. "How can this be possible?"

She says the arrests of her nephews have cast suspicion on her family, but she hopes people won't judge them unfairly.

"Everybody that knows the Edmonds and know all of us we're happy people. They know that were not terrorist or evil or people who want to kill people."

Hasan Edmonds will be in court again April 6.

Tiffany Edmonds says she plans to be at every court appearance for her nephews to support them.

When asked why she was the only family member there Monday, she said wasn't sure because several family members had planned to be there.

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