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Attack on mother, daughter among the latest violence at CTA 95th Street Red Line station

Victims recall violent attack at CTA Red Line stop
Victims recall violent attack at CTA Red Line stop 02:29

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A mother and daughter were violently attacked after getting off a Red Line train at the 95th Street Station.

'Ask CTA' team will be at 95th Red Line station amid violence 01:28

The pair were beaten and robbed by as many as ten people during the afternoon rush, but the violence didn't end there.

CBS 2's Chris Tye traveled to the station on Tuesday and found himself at the center of another violent encounter.

As the CBS 2 crew was preparing the story on the mother and daughter who were attacked, another woman was attacked. She was hit and maced in the face by a mob, although it's unclear if it was the same mob as Monday's attack.

But for the mother and daughter, they're not sure if they'll ever ride the Red Line again.

"He punched me in my face, full on fist," said Kenya Merrills.

It happened after 'L' ride back from the Loop to enroll for college and a mother-daughter lunch.

"I already knew I was gonna die. I just said, 'Let me just shield my daughter so she won't die,'" Lura Irvine said.

The gang of 10 were on their train. The attack happened after they exited the station at 95th Street.

The two, along with Irvine's godson, were attacked as a security guard just watched.

"I saw a CTA worker and the security women, but they didn't do anything, absolutely nothing," Irvine said. "I was thinking to myself, 'Why are you here? You can't do nothing.'"

But something did happen as CBS 2's cameras rolled as the victims recreated their terror.

"There they go. That's him," Irvine said.

If you freeze the tape, a group of people was still at the station, still intimidating.

"I don't want to ever get back on there," Irvine said of the Red Line.

The family that hadn't been on the train in a year don't plan to ever ride Chicago's rails again, meaning a final semester of college may be scrapped.

"I have to take this train and honestly I don't feel comfortable getting back on that train," Merrills said. "I don't feel safe."

As for that woman who was beaten at the station, it's unclear if that was the same mob or another. Police were at the station throughout much of Tuesday.

For users of the station, both stories are a reminder of the risk of using the 95th Street station to leave that part of Chicago.

A CBS 2 investigative producer did some digging and found there have been 21 violent crimes reported at or near the 95th Street stop this year.

That does not include Monday's and Tuesday's incidents. Of those crimes, 19% have resulted in an arrest.

In an effort to improve communication with rides, the transit agency's Ask CTA team will be at the 95th Red Line station Wednesday. 

Managers will be on different CTA lines in the next several weeks to hear your thoughts about your commute.

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