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Neighbors In Horror After 3 Hunting Dogs Take Over Block In Ashburn, Maul And Kill Shih Tzu

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A pack of hunting dogs recently cornered and mauled to death a beloved family dog on the city's Southwest Side.

Residents told CBS 2's Jermont Terry the aggressive animals are terrorizing the neighborhood.

"Don't come out your house!" a woman is heard screaming on doorbell camera video.

You can hear the fear from neighbors as three dogs took over a block in Ashburn.

"Aw s**t! Here he comes! Here he comes!" the woman says on the doorbell video. "Mad dog!"

"Vicious" is how the neighbors describe the three Dogo Argentinos – typically big-game hunting dogs. They roamed onto 81st Street and Artesian Avenue and pounced on a shih tzu named Rocky.

"We have video of all three mauling my small shih tzu dog," said Lakesha Brown.

Brown had just let Rocky onto the front porch when video captured all three of the muscular hunting dogs attacking and killing Rocky.

"It's horrible," Brown said. "No collars, no leashes on those dogs."

They terrorized the block for nearly an hour – keeping some neighbors from leaving their homes.

"We yelled: 'Don't come out of your fence! Don't come out!'" said neighbor Rob Robinson. "The dogs were approaching her, but when we both yelled at her, they ran back to us."

In the video, the hunting dogs then came back across the street – with Rocky's blood visible on their faces. Even when police arrived, officers would not get out of their squad car with the hunting dogs still running around.

Brown filed a police report and a complaint with Chicago Animal Care and Control. They traced the dogs to a home four blocks away.

When Brown went to talk to the dogs' owner, she was baffled to see the dogs still inside.

"They should have immediately removed the dogs," Brown said. "They should be in Animal Control's custody pending the investigation."

We don't know if Animal Control left one or all three dogs with the owner, because no one returned Terry's calls or emails.

Meanwhile, besides losing her family pet, Brown is worried about everyone else's safety in the area.

"My fear is that if something is done about those dogs, it could happen to someone else," Brown said.

Terry is told neighbors had been complaining about the hunting dogs roaming in the area well before this week's attack and mauling.

The owner of the hunting dogs was fined, but Brown said it is not enough.

Chicago Animal Care and Control did not get back to Terry Tuesday night for any update on the status of the three dogs.

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