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As The Bears Head To London, One Player Wants To Be A Buckingham Palace Prankster

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Bears are leaving Thursday night on their "business trip" to London. They'll have barely over 48 hours there before facing the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

But it won't be all business as CBS 2's Megan Mawicke reports.

The Chicago Bears had one final practice before they hit the road Thursday night to London with over 200 people on board.

Sleep is the priority but the seven hour trip can present some different circumstances for athletes.

"The sleep is important to the guys with no injuries, even with guys with no swelling with swelling some will wear compression socks for prevention wise that is part of it," said head coach Matt Nagy. "If you have someone with lower leg injuries, they're sleeping and waking them up to walk around a little bit for circulation."

Team comedian Tarik Cohen will be making his first trip overseas and his mission, along with beating the Oakland Raiders, is to visit Buckingham Palace and get the famous guards outside to blink or flinch.

"These people don't even blink," Nagy said. "I was telling Tarik that yesterday and he was like 'nah I'll get them to blink. Coach I'm funny.'"

"I think I can break them," Cohen said. "Just got to be natural. It's got to be in the moment. They've probably heard all the jokes in the world,"

"He is a "viral" comedian. If there is somebody who could make them laugh, it is Tarik. He is funny," said Bears guard Kyle Long.

Better keep an eye on Tarik's Instagram account this week everybody! and Nagy said he will have few tricks up his own sleeve at practice  because he knows he will have a groggy group of Bears and will need to spice it up.


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