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As Sports Games Are Canceled In Protest, Chicago Sky Coach James Wade Has Strong Words About Jacob Blake Shooting

CHICAGO (CBS) -- All three NBA playoff games were postponed, along with the entire WNBA slate and most of the MLS schedule in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha and police violence.

It started with the Milwaukee Bucks boycotting their game and all the three NBA playoff games then being postponed.

Only the NHL played all games as scheduled.

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The Chicago Sky did not have a game scheduled for Wednesday – they are set to take on the Indiana Fever on Thursday. But Sky Coach James Wade had some strong words.

"It's kind of hard to think about basketball with all this stuff going on, and if Jacob Blake was a dog, and police were to shoot him seven times in the same spot, it would have more people up in arms," Wade said. "So what does that tell you about my value?"

The Bucks on Wednesday read a statement as a team calling for more action from leaders and law enforcement.

Meanwhile, at an NBA players' meeting in Orlando, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers reportedly voted to boycott the rest of the season, although it looks like other teams want to continue playing.

The NBA's board of directors has a special meeting Thursday morning, with the players' union expected to take part.

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