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Artist/Therapist Offers Perspective On What Struggling Artists Go Through

(CBS) -- Life as a performing artist can be rewarding but also brutal. A Chicago therapist/musician offers a unique perspective for artists struggling to achieve their goals, reports WBBM's Keith Johnson reports

Bill Harrison has 30 years of experience in the arts as a musician, composer, arranger, actor and writer. He is also a therapist at the Claret Center and says he has informed empathy for what struggling artists are going through.

"Stage fright, anxiety, this facing of rejection, this feeling like start things but can't get them done or the various other ways that we kind of get in our own way as creative people, so that's kind of what I think I bring to it," Harrison says.


He says the internal and external pressures to succeed can be overwhelming.

"Family pressure, pressure from your peers, societal pressure about what success even looks like and it's usually measured in dollars," Harrison says.

He says the Claret Center can help creative artists in dance, film, musical and visual arts do their best work and achieve success.

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