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2's Got Your Ticket: 'The Art Of Banksy' And Rhythm World 30th Anniversary Celebration

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's the artist so many love, but nobody actually knows his or her identity. And after a big delay, Banksy finally has their day in Chicago.

CBS 2 arts and entertainment correspondent Vince Gerasole has your ticket to The Art of Banksy and more.

After a delayed opening and a venue change, The Art of Banksy makes it's Chicago debut on Saturday at 360 N. State St.

Folks the world over are familiar with the name of the British street artist and his work, but his true identity remains a mystery

"The images of Banksy speak to a wide audience," said Michel Boersma, executive director of The Art of Banksy.

Banksy's been called a street or graffiti artist.  Chances are you're familiar with his work; from Flower Thrower, to Rude Copper, and Girl with Balloon, each  connected by a common thread.

"You don't have to stand five minutes going like, 'hmm, what does this mean?'" Boersma said. "Culturally critical, critical of government, critical of us, of himself. Thought-provoking, but always fun. There's always a twinkle there."

The Art of Banksy, the touring exhibit which earned raves from Tel Aviv to Toronto, features 80 original works, all from private collectors.

"We're not authorized by Banksy. He doesn't like these exhibitions, he's grumpy about them, but he respects what we do," Boersma said.

Organizers have never met the artist; or if they have, they don't really know. Some of the works were purchased for less than $100 on the street – maybe from the artist – unaware that they were actually worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Rhythm World 30th Anniversary Celebration

The performances may have you tapping your toes, but the real fancy footwork is center stage at the Chicago Human Rhythm Project

"I am first and foremost a tap dancer," said CHRP artistic director Jumaane Taylor. "But some folks put us in the category of percussive dance. Some people even say we're called foot drummers."

You've got one more chance to catch one of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project's 30th anniversary performances. That's Saturday night at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Part of the Rhythm World celebration, the program showcases the various forms of tap the world over.

"Tap dancers from Japan, tap dancers from the East Coast, from the West Coast. There is that communication involved via rhythm. It's a really wild concept," Taylor said.

Each of these events have COVID-19 polices:

The Art Of Banksy

Rhythm World 30th Anniversary Celebration

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