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Art Institute Lions Don Blackhawks Helmets; Field Musuem Dinosaur Won't Wear Its Sweater

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More and more Chicagoans have been wearing their favorite Blackhawks gear as the team has advanced through the playoffs, and the lions outside the Art Institute of Chicago have gotten in on the act.

The bronze lion statues on the steps of the Art Institute were donning Blackhawks helmets on Wednesday, ahead of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Crowds along Michigan Avenue stopped to snap photos of the iconic lions decked out in Blackhawks helmets for the third time in six years.

Some foreign tourists were baffled at the sight.

"We have no idea," said one woman from Cyprus.


Canadian citizen Pat Ressa, in Chicago on business, was pleased to see and take pictures of the helmets.

"Hockey's not one of America's greatest pastimes, so I gotta show them back in Toronto that there's a hockey helmet on the Art Institute of Chicago. You don't see that every day," he said.

One Chicago fixture that won't be wearing Blackhawks' regalia this time: the 75-foot-long brachiosaurus fossil replica outside the Field Museum. By the time museum officials hauled out the Blackhawks sweater it wore during the team's playoff run last year, they found out it was too weather-worn. Now it's too late to make a new one.

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