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Arrest Warrants Out For 5 Wheaton College Football Players For Hazing, 1 Turns Himself In

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Five college football players in the western suburbs face criminal charges in a brutal attack on a fellow teammate.

CBS 2's Lauren Victory has more on those charges and the punishment the players face from the school.

Arrest warrants are out for five football players charged with hazing a fellow teammate. Kyler Kregel, a senior from Michigan, turned himself in Tuesday evening without saying a word. The other players are expected at the Wheaton Police Department sometime this week.

"The one thing these boys did was they put the fear of God into him. He was scared out of his mind," said Attorney Terry Ekl recounting the lasting effects of an alleged Wheaton College hazing incident from March 2016.

"They tore both his labrums in his two shoulders," Ekl said.

Elk's client was member of the football team. He will never play the sport again.

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The victim's own teammates James Cooksey, Kyler Kregel, Benjamin Pettway, Noah Spielman, and Samuel Tebos are now facing felony charges of aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint.

The victim's lawyer said those young men allegedly duct taped him, put a pillowcase over his head, threw him in a car, threatened to sexually assault him, then dumped him half naked on a baseball field.

CBS: What did you client say when he found out these charges had finally been filed?

"He was happy that the criminal justice system is now involved," Ekl said.

Ekl only knows of an NCAA punishment against the accused: community service and an essay.

Meanwhile a lawyer for Spielman, the son of a former NFL player said, "Wheaton College exonerated these gentlemen over one year ago."

Wheaton College told CBS 2 their punishment is confidential and until late Tuesday afternoon, all five of the suspects were still on the football team roster. CBS 2 reached out to Wheaton College for clarification about what "exoneration" supposedly means.

A Wheaton College spokesperson told CBS 2 on Tuesday evening, the five players are no longer able to practice or play in any football games.

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