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Arkush: Bears Just Need To Tell The Truth

(WSCR) Initially, Brian Urlacher was set to practice with no limitations at the Bears training camp.

Then, Urlacher sat out with knee discomfort. Then, Urlacher said he had no offseason knee procedures. Then, Urlacher had arthroscopic surgery. Then, reports surfaced that Urlacher had traveled to Europe to have blood treatment to help heal his injured knee. All the while, the Bears have come clean on nothing.

So, what exactly is going on?

"It keeps coming back to the same thing - just tell the truth and you're going to be OK," Hub Arkush told The Mully and Hanley Show. "Nobody is going to say, 'Oh my God. Why'd they do that? I'm not buying tickets anymore. I'm not watching this.' They're not going to blame anybody. But the more mysterious you try and be, the more confusion and consternation you create. Now, you've got a story that won't go away and you have coaches and I'm sure players being disturbed and being distracted by it."

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Even if Urlacher isn't ready for the Week 1 opener against the Colts, Arkush said the Bears could be alright without their middle linebacker for the first few games.

"They catch a break early because you open with Indianapolis," Arkush said. "Then, you have to go to Green Bay four days later. I think that's what troubles everybody. If he's not 100 percent, even if he plays against Indianapolis, how does he bounce back in two, three days and play again in one of the biggest games of the year? ... When we say, 'Can they get by without Brian?' I think most people would agree they're going to be at least 2-1, maybe 3-0 regardless. ... What bothers me about this, is this knee is obviously not 100 percent. I'm afraid this problem is going to linger for 16 weeks."

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