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Are Kraft 'Zesty Guy' Ads A Bit Too Zesty?

Kraft's Zesty Guy. (Credit: Kraft)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Are the latest salad dressing ads from Chicago-based Kraft a little too zesty?

A Christian group called One Million Moms thinks so.

It wants Kraft, which is headquartered in Northfield, to cease the campaign.

The "Silverware Optional--Let's Get Zesty" campaign features a naked model, Anderson Davis, lying on a picnic blanket.

Why would silverware be optional?

Oh, sorry, distracted ...

Back to the story ...

OK, so the ad has a naked guy and it's about having a naked picnic--but there are no vegetables on the blanket. Seems odd, since you put salad dressing on vegetables.

One Million Moms calls it "the most disgusting ad ... that we have ever seen Kraft produce."

The print ad invites folks to a website, which allows users to send their friends a "Zestygram" and follow the "TheZestyGuy" on Twitter.

By the way, the ad is promoting Kraft's Zesty Italian salad dressing.

Some women don't share One Million Moms view, apparently.

However, "conservative customers" won't buy it, says One Million Moms.

According to its website, the group is on a mission to put an end to "the trash in today's media."

"Kraft has gone too far and will push away loyal, conservative customers with this new ad campaign. Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their advertising."

The ad "is a playful and flirtatious way to reach our consumers. People have overwhelmingly said they're enjoying the campaign and having fun with it," Kraft told USA Today.

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