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'It's Just Scary': Archer Heights Carjacker Points Gun At One-Year-Old

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Caught on camera: A one-year-old girl with a gun pointed toward her during a carjacking.

As CBS 2's Steven Graves explains, it's in an area where residents are already concerned, as police track a rash of other frightening crimes.

Archer Heights grocery store owner Mirna Rivera can't get it out of her head.

"I feel horrible for them because their child had to go through that."

Rivera said video from last week showing a mother holding a little girl, frantically running with what appears to be another girl.

"They said they just decided to run into the store. They baby was crying," Rivera said.

Video shows two men drive the wrong way on a street. They then back up and stop near the victims at their parked car. Chicago police said the men had guns. One appears to point a firearm at the mother standing at the backseat.
The little baby girl right in the path of the firearm. The men demanded the keys before video shows one man carjack their Nissan.

That camera points to Kolin Avenue right off of Archer Avenue. It is a very busy residential area, the type where thieves seem to be targeting people in this neighborhood who they think are alone.

"There's been a lot of incidents. It's just scary."

Rivera came forward with this video days after Chicago police issued an alert for four armed robberies this month.
All involved two men on the Southwest side near Midway Airport. Officers haven't connected two other incidents CBS 2 found, including one (baby carjacking) on January 17. The other, on the 13th in Gage Park involved two men beating and robbing a man of money as he pulled into his garage in an alley.

"I think about my daughter. Like I have children," Rivera said.

And that's why this mom wants people to see this and be on alert. Thieves who have no shame, even with a baby in the crosshairs. Chicago police said they have no one in custody for the carjacking or the string of armed robberies.

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