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Apartment Building Plans To Use Dog DNA Samples To Fine Owners Who Don't Clean Up

Chicago (CBS) -- A mystery is muddling the "doggie lounge" around the corner from the Alta Roosevelt apartment building.

A phantom pooch is leaving behind a mess, but management is on the case. Alta Roosevelt renters received an email this week informing them a cheek swab DNA sample will now be required from all dogs.

The PooPrints program from BioPet Laboratories compares unscooped waste to it's doggy DNA database. Matching offenders at Alt Roosevelt will get slapped with a $200 fine.

"I really think that's invasive and it's really not the dog's fault," Alta resident and dog owner Kimberly Nguyen said. "It's the owner's fault, not being responsible enough to look after their own dog. It's like the kids are only as bad as their parents."

"The fact that they're taking time out of their day to swab for DNA is kind of crazy," tenant Noelle Thompson said. "How do they have the money for that?"

Each PooPrints test costs $82. Some tenants wonder if a surveillance camera might work better.

Alta tenant and dog owner Justin Melroy agrees the testing seems excessive but hopes it will stop the messes from happening.

"I think there are other solutions that they could pursue, but there's a solution that they have that will I think solve the problem," Melroy said.

This topic is causing a lot of chatter on social media, including a few comments from people who don't live at Alta Roosevelt saying their buildings do the same thing.

Wood Properties, the company that manages Alta Roosevelt, has not responded to CBS 2's messages.

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