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Another Second City Cast Member Quits Over Abusive Audience Outbursts

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A fourth member of Second City's ETC revue quit after multiple occurrences of offensive behavior from audiences.

Peter Kim, Second City (WBBM/Steve Miller)

33-year-old Peter Kim told WBBM that audiences here in Chicago and across the country where he has toured, seem to feel emboldened by the no-holds-bars, speak-your-mind style of Donald Trump.

"I really think he gave people carte blanche to act and behave hateful," Kim said.

Kim said audiences have gotten more abusive in the past year and has heard people use the 'f' word, alluding to a slur against gays.

"The straw that broke the camel's back for me was a man was sitting next to a Hispanic couple," Kim said. "We asked a question to another lady, completely different lady, we said, 'Hey, ma'am, what is something small that pisses you off, like getting stuck in traffic.'"

The man, unsolicited, screamed out, 'Sitting too close to a Mexican,' while sitting next to a Hispanic couple.

Kim said there was another time he felt physically threatened by a man who got too close to the stage.

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