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Anonymous Donor Picks Up Grocery Bill For Bolingbrook Firefighters

(CBS) -- Firefighters are used to being thanked, but a suburban firehouse is offering gratitude to an anonymous good neighbor.

Every day Bolingbrook firefighters throw $10 in a pot and that money is used to buy groceries for the day.

Ryan Klavohn and another firefighter went to Mejiers to buy food on Monday, but a call came in before they could check out so they left the $50 in groceries behind.


When they finally got the food, it was already paid for. A note in the bag said, "It was a pleasure to pick up your grocery tab today. Thanks to you and everyone at your house for all you do. Enjoy."

"Initially, it is like…this isn't real because this never happens to people like us," he said.

Klavohn says Monday was a busy day with lots of calls but the grocery gift was all they could think about.

"It did take a few minutes to kick in but after it did, it is very humbling to have somebody do that," he said. "We don't ever expect anything to come our way so when it does, it is very humbling."

The union posted the receipt on Facebook and it already has thousands of likes.

Grocery Receipt
The thank you note in the firefighters' groceries. (Source: Bolingbrook Fire Fighters Association Facebook page.)

Klahvohn says whoever paid for the groceries should know they are grateful.

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