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Anger On Both Sides After Ted Cruz Snubs Donald Trump

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Ted Cruz's extraordinary speech in which he refused to endorse Donald Trump during last night's GOP convention angered politicians and delegates from both Illinois and Indiana.

The strongest language came from retiring Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, who called Cruz a "wrecking ball" and a "narcissist, pathological liar," the Indianapolis Star reported

Lake County (Ill.) sheriff Mark Curran said Cruz made a tactical political error.

"For Cruz to get up there and speak, was wrong," Curran said. "If he wasn't going to endorse, he shouldn't have been anywhere near the podium."

Cruz supporters say the Texas senator did congratulate Trump. One Illinois delegate, Jim Fisher, walked out of the delegation's meeting on Thursday after somebody said it was fun booing Cruz.

Fisher said there would have been no reason for Cruz to throw is support behind Trump.

"Why should he? Did you see the things that Trump did to Ted Cruz right from the very beginning of this campaign?"


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