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Amid Numerous Complaints That It Scammed Customers, Uptown's Adelove Shipping Also Has Eviction Notice -- And It Never Even Had A License

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The landlords of an Uptown shipping business accused of scamming customers want them out, and they have put a notice up in black and white on the door.

CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported Tuesday on customer complaints at Adelove Shipping, which has a Chicago store at 5106 N. Broadway. It turns out they're not the only ones looking for their owner of the company – so is the landlord, who also is not getting paid and who has placed an eviction notice on the front door.

In fact, CBS 2 has uncovered that the doors at Adelove Shipping should never have opened its doors at all, because it didn't even have a license.

Days after CBS 2 investigated complaints about Adelove Shipping stiffing customers, more people also spoke out.

"They seem to have swindled me out of my heard-earned money," said Olom Basil Uka.

Uka is out $1,500. Receipts show he Zelled Adelove money to transport a Toyota from Decatur in Central Illinois to his father in Nigeria. Yet after getting the money, Adelove never picked up the car and never returned the cash.

"I wanted them to peacefully refund me the exact amount I paid," Uka said.

Uka cannot get answers from the shipping company – which CBS 2 discovered opened its doors illegally. The city's Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Department told us when we reached out that there is no license on record – leaving many to wonder just how long it went unregulated ripping off customers.

"To me, I believed it was a legitimate business, because I could see the sign and everything that make it convincing looking like it was a legitimate business," Uka said.

CBS 2's investigation exposed countless complaints about the Houston-based company. The Better Business Bureau gives it an F rating.

People paid to get items shipped internationally, and now they are out thousands of dollars.

"Where is my car?" one man complained in our Tuesday story. "You took my money. I sent them the full payment."

"I was told they're having trouble with the store at this location and they were going to resolve my issues," a woman added. "But they have not been able to resolve my issues."

"They are still advertising massively, and people are still falling prey," added Uka.

So how was this Uptown business able to open, operate, and go unregulated?

"I've been to Chicago twice trying to locate them - and no way," Uka said.

The notice of failure to pay rent now posted on the door indicates the landlord can't even get a hold of the owner. No one ever picks up the phone for Adelove, and Uka feels the company is preying on Nigerian immigrants.

"That gives me some level of confidence to deal with him - thinking he's one of me; he's one of us," he said.

In response to our report, BACP is asking anyone who is owed money to file a formal complaint so BACP can go after the owner for consumer fraud. You can find the complaint form here.

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