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"Disruptive" Woman Removed From Flight To Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A flight from Atlanta to Chicago was delayed four hours on Wednesday, after a woman caused a disturbance and was removed from the plane.

Michael Nash began recording video after a woman got into an argument with another passenger and a flight attendant on American Airlines flight 281. He said he posted two videos to Facebook after the woman threatened a flight attendant.

Nash said the woman had repeatedly reclined her seat as the plane was taxiing to the runway, and was disrupting other passengers by listening to something on her phone without headphones. He said the woman also shouted profanities at the passenger behind her when she was asked to stop reclining her seat.

When a flight attendant asked her to stop and put her seat back up, she became combative, according to Nash.

The video shows the woman following a flight attendant to the back of the plane, as several passengers shout at her to "sit down." At least one passenger can be heard saying "you're going to get us killed."

After the woman returned to her seat, she accused someone on the plane of throwing water in her face. However, Nash said no one threw water at the woman.

The woman also is seen carrying a small dog without a pet carrier, in apparent violation of American Airlines policies requiring pets to remain in carriers and under a seat the entire time the pet is on an aircraft.

American Airlines said the flight later returned to the gate, and the "disruptive passenger" was removed from the plane.

Nash said police and FBI agents questioned several passengers before the flight was allowed to resume to O'Hare International Airport, about four hours late.

A spokesperson for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport said the woman was not arrested, and was re-booked on another flight.

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