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Six Victims Killed In Amazon Warehouse Collapse Due To Tornado Identified

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The six people confirmed to have died when part of an Amazon warehouse collapsed in a tornado in Edwardsville, Illinois, Friday night have been identified.

The victims are Deandre S. Morrow, 28, of St. Louis, Missouri; Kevin D. Dickey, 62, of Carlyle, Illinois; Clayton Lynn Cope, 29, of Alton, Illinois; Etheria S. Hebb, 34, St. Louis, Missouri; Larry E. Virden, 46, Collinsville, Illinois; and Austin J. McEwen, 26, of Edwardsville, Illinois, according to a release from the City of Edwardsville.

Officials say the fire department is still working to clear debris from the site and working with Amzaon "to account for all of their personnel." Anyone who wants to report a missing relative from the incident should contact the Edwardsville Police Department at (618)656-2131. There are currenly no additional reports of missing people.

Forty-five people who were in the building were reunited with their families at a reunification center, authorities said Saturday. One of those people was airlifted to an area hospital to be treated for injuries, according to James Whiteford, Edwardsville Fire Chief and Incident Commander.

Six states were hit by the tornados, which scarred more than 200 miles. Edwardsville was one of the worst areas hit, along with parts of Kentucky.

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