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ALS Patient's Dream: Pass On Medical Equipment To Those In Need

(CBS) -- Two men who are staring down death have come up with an idea.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards explains.

The story started simple enough, with Bob Shea and Ed Kane as neighbors.

"It was the usual Chicago neighborhood relationship," Bob says.

It became much more, several years ago, when Bob was struck with a rare neurological disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome.

"I just remember there was Ed standing at my bed, and I remember him saying, 'Don't try to talk. It's okay," Bob recalls.

More recently, Ed was struck with ALS – Lou Gehrig's Disease -- which will take him when it takes his ability to breathe.

The friends hit upon an idea while wondering: What happens to re-usable medical equipment when a patient passes away?

So began Devices 4 the Disabled. The goal is to get medical devices from the recently deceased to those in need. It could be as simple as a walker.

"When you get it, the whole world opens up to you, you can go out again," Ed says.

Bob keeps it in perspective.

"Every time somebody in need gets a cane or a walker or wheelchair, that's my friend Ed," he says.

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