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Alluring Designs creating luxurious spaces in Black communities

Alluring Designs creating luxurious spaces in Black communities
Alluring Designs creating luxurious spaces in Black communities 03:01

CHICAGO (CBS) – We all wish we can live in those luxurious spaces we see on television.

One woman started her own design firm and is helping to make those dreams a reality.  

CBS 2 Digital Reporter Jamaica Ponder has more.

Today, I'm in a home that's been worked on by Alluring Designs - a Chicago-based interior design firm founded by April Gandy.

After spending 21 years in the Air Force, April decided to return home to her native Chicago to start her small business with the intention of creating luxurious spaces in predominantly Black communities, ultimately helping her clients to up their property values and build generational wealth.

"I like for people to feel like they're coming to a home that is similar to a resort you will go to or a nice boutique hotel," Gandy said. "Most of my clients are black, just like I am, and I want to give value to my client's homes. So, I like to focus on luxury. I feel like we should have that at home. We deserve that, right?"

April realized she had an eye for interior design when she bought her first condo back in 2006.

"It was a fixer-upper. I wanted to make it beautiful. I wanted to make it my own," she said.

In renovating the space, April realized that she had an affinity for the craft, eventually moving on to design the homes of friends and family before finally creating her company Alluring Designs.

"I love merging my style with someone else's styles and then finding a way to mix that with what I bring to the table and giving it my signature look. Luxury resonates with me, but it can be in so many different ways, so it doesn't have to be glitz and glam and brass and, you know, rich colors. It can be whatever you want it to be, but you feel that luxury when you're home."

For April, it's not just about making sure her customers feel as though they're living lavishly, but also like they're getting a return on their investment from the added value that she brings to her client's homes.

"I love when we have clients not in a Bronzeville or a Kenwood or a Beverly, getting those communities and bringing that value to those homes."

And it's not just homeowners in Chicago who have noticed April's eye for design. In February, she was also recognized by the Home and Garden Television Network as a breakthrough Black designer, making an impact on the industry. This after her appearance on Renovation Resort, a competition and design show currently airing on HGTV Canada.

"So my favorite part of this project was the Living room when we added the mirror."

April says that while the accolades are humbling, the core of what she does is rooted in keeping it local.

"And I live in this community. I want to make sure that I'm going to be contributing to the value of our communities as well. So, making sure that what you get back is going to be in generational wealth or wealth for your next home or something that we can spread within our own community."

Alluring Designs currently has a $99 design consultation going on, which you can learn more about at their website You can keep up with April and Alluring Designs via their social media channels @ AlluringDesignsChicago. 

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