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Bucktown Package Theft Caught On Camera

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's a bold theft and a viewer caught it all on camera. Video show a man taking package off of a porch and loading them into his luxury SUV.

The alleged theft was brazen, taking place in the middle of the afternoon Friday near Damen and Dickens in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. Not only was a church surveillance camera recording the theft, but a man who works at the church was videotaping with his phone.

With his camera phone rolling, Gene Pierson confronted the man as they were carrying packages from the front porch of a home. The man told him they were actually delivering packages. Pierson recorded their license plate on their Porsche before the man drove off, packages in the back.

"I care about the neighborhood," said Pierson. "I am an employee of the church and the church cares about the neighborhood. Live in the neighborhood with my family and I know a lot of these people and care about them. We look out for each other."

"Gene was exactly who we want in our neighborhood watch," said Steve Jensen of the Bucktown Community Organization. "We want people engaged, we want people nosey, we want people looking out the blinds and we really want our neighbors challenging those who look suspicious."

The homeowner did not want to talk to CBS 2 but told Jensen one of the packages had cancer medication for his dog. Police say they're looking into the theft.

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