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All Eyes On A-Rod As Media Swarm Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's been awhile since there's been this much attention at a White Sox game.

You know the return of Alex Rodriguez on the day Major League Baseball announces his suspension is a big story when every network is here, and the live shots go on for hours. Even Al Jazeera sent a crew to a baseball game. The media turnout was exceeded only by the All Star game 10 years ago and the World Series in 2005.

"It got a little hectic around two o'clock yesterday afternoon and kind of kept going," said Scott Reifert, White Sox Head of Communication.

Fans React To A-Rod Suspension

CBS 2 cameras were there when Alex Rodriguez left Trump Tower this afternoon and as he was being driven in a golf cart underneath the stands.

"It's the hot ticket in town right now," said Sox fan Jose "Louie" Lopez.

It might be hot under the A-Rod jersey Yankee fan Tyson Wessel dared to the wear to the game tonight.

Asked if he was ready for the abuse, Wessel answered, "Even if he wasn't on the PEDs, I would still get it no matter what, cause I'm wearing the opposite team."

Wessel even took heat outside for his support of Rodriguez.

"I think he's a fraud. I've got four sons. I don't want them being like that," Jim Bender told Wessel outside the ballpark.

Wessel blamed the media for the controversy and said we've ignored the other players who've been suspended.

"Do you guys hassle everybody else on that is on the list? Do you go after all of them when they come to town? Or do you guys just stay with the top dog?" Wessel asked.

That's what happens when a big star playing for America's most storied sports franchise is in trouble. Despite all the excitement, the White Sox are not expecting a sellout.

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