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Aldermen want City Council to address mental health crisis within Chicago Police Department

Aldermen call on City Council to address mental health within CPD
Aldermen call on City Council to address mental health within CPD 01:02

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Several aldermen are calling on City Council to do more to address the mental health crisis within the Chicago Police Department.

They are calling for hearings on a series of proposals limiting the departments' ability to cancel officers' days off, allow officers to decline excessive overtime, and give a pay bump to those who accept the extra work.

The proposal comes after three police suicides in the last month.

That includes officer Patsy Swank who took her life after working 22 days in a row.

On Wednesday, her brother joined the aldermen at a press conference to push for changes within the department.

"So for those of you asking why my sister did not get help when she needed it, well, she did," said Ryan Clancy. "She saw a counselor on many occasions and was also canceled by a counselor on other occasions which greatly upset her. As of lately, there was no time to speak to anyone. Working long hours with canceled days off. When was she supposed to get help?" 

We contacted CPD for a response to the alderman's demands but have not yet heard back.

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