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Aldermen Move To Reach Settlement With Anjanette Young, Who Was Handcuffed Naked During Wrong Police Raid

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Three Chicago alderman, who earlier on Friday called a special City Council meeting to demand a settlement of the Anjanette Young case, withdrew that request after the city law department dropped a court motion to punish Young's attorney and told them the city was moving to resolve the issue.

Police wrongly raided Young's home in February 2019. Police body camera video showed Young naked and handcuffed as police search her apartment. She repeatedly pleaded with the officers, telling them they were in the wrong home.

Alds. Raymond Lopez (15th), Stephanie Coleman (16th), and Jeanette Taylor (20th) signed a letter calling for a special City Council meeting on Dec. 22 to consider an order compelling "the Corporation Counsel of the City of Chicago to hereby terminate any and all efforts against Ms. Anjanette Young and her legal team as well as immediately negotiate, draft and do all things necessary to settle any legal action related to Ms. Young."

The aldermen reversed course after receiving an email from Corporation Counsel Mark Flessner that said the city had not only dropped the legal maneuver but also promised to reach a settlement in Young's lawsuits against the city "expeditiously."

The city's law department denied a Freedom of Information Act request by Young to obtain the video. It was turned over only after Young's filed a lawsuit. The city then tried unsuccessfully to stop CBS 2 from airing the video and, in their motion before a federal judge, sought to sanction Young and her attorney after the video was leaked. The city then revised its motion to only seek sanctions against Young's attorney. All of that was dropped on Friday.

Mayor Lightfoot first denied she knew about the case, and then acknowledged that she had been made aware of it in late 2019, but didn't remember the details.  She says she first saw the video on Tuesday and was angered by it. She as promised to investigate and make further changes in police department policy on search warrants.

The special meeting the aldermen had been scheduled for 2 p.m. on Dec. 22. A separate public hearing is scheduled earlier the same day, for two City Council committees to question CPD officials regarding the department's search warrant procedures.

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