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Alderman Pat Dowell Accuses State Rep. Ken Dunkin's Campaign Of Trying To Buy Votes

CHICAGO (CBS) -- At a news conference on Sunday afternoon, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Third Ward Alderman Pat Dowell played a video which they say depicts 5th District Representative Ken Dunkin's campaign paying for votes.

Dowell is supporting Dunkin's opponent, Julianna Stratton but says that is not why she's involved in making these allegations, telling WBBM "I believe a crime was committed," and she says they have notified police and prosecutors.

"Voting is supposed to be a sacred right and it should not be corrupted by people who seek to represent us," she said.


Dunkin has broken with Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

A Dunkin campaign staffer emailed CBS 2 a statement in response to the allegations:

"Dowell's baseless accusations are consistent with the desperate tactics previously used by the Madigan-led Stratton campaign. While Representative Dunkin is working on issues such as, abolishing red light cameras, saving Chicago State University, and passing a budget, his opponent is still up to the same dirty tricks that have defined her campaign."


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